13 May 2014

My Feeling


heyy, lamanyeee tak update blog, rindu plakk nak update niee.. hehee.. ok, now i have something to share, about my feeling..
its already 1 year, 1 month and 2 weeks our relationship.. i love him, i really really love him.. for the first time i have met family's boyfriend.. i saw our future, i can feel it.. but, right now i feel like you're getting far away from me.. we're happy back then. yes we argue, we fight, but we still need each other, we still contact because we miss.. we're sooo happy b.. veryyy happy..

now, i didn't see our future, its getting fade, we're not happy.. we always fight, no understanding.. i miss u.. i miss the old us.. i still love u, i still adore u.. im sorry, sometimes i messed up, im jealous, mad, annoying, i know.. but still, i still want u..

b, please take care our relationship, we both can keep this relationship.. i miss u sooo much b.. i love u from the bottom of my heart.. never fade, never change.. its always u firdaus.. always...

if i could give u one thing in life, i would give u the ability to see yourself through my eye, only then you would realize how special you're to me..

good relationship don't just happen.
they take time,
and two people who truly want to be together..
i love u firdaus, its always u..

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